Time for a new Store!

1and1 is currently the store host, and it is currently DOWN.
I apologize for this inconvenience, as I am on the phone with them currently.

UPDATE: I will be working on this later – in the meantime – 1 loop costs 3.69 plus 2.85 for shipping.
Tax will be applied if you live in NY State. If interested in an EmpowerUsTools.com loop,
or a Ron Paul -2012- loop, please send an email to joe at empowerustools dot com (change the at and the dot).


This will expedite my switch of store services to Hostgator:

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One Response to Time for a new Store!

  1. Joe Eckstein says:

    As an aside – the other day I asked someone to search for empowerustools… they typed in empower us tools… and well, it didn’t work. I’ll try and figure that one out too!

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