EmpowerUs Tools Marches On

We are now looking for a couple dozen people with Arthritis to take a survey.  If  you know someone who has Arthritis – please direct them to the following survey, Thank You!


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Welcome to EmpowerUs Tools 2013!



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Check out the new examples and clasp colors available at empowerustools.com/custom

There is an informative new picture up in Pictures, as well:

Still plenty of metal on these cheaper clipboards.

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New – Lower Ebay store pricing!

The price has been revised to be $5.45 per item, including shipping using recycled packaging.

I’m not sure how to set shipping prices for multiple items in Ebay, however I use USPS First Class as the shipping method for orders under 25 pieces.

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Pictures are Up

Hi Everyone,

I’d like to direct your attention to the menu item “Pictures”.

There are new pictures of The Loop with uses in different situations.

Remember, The Loop is a brand-able, strong magnetic, pen holder!

And if you’re creative, it holds more than just pens!

Have a good week!
- Joe

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Happy New Year!

I know it’s a little bit late, but I’ve been away on the first personal vacation I’ve ever designed myself.

I’m a bit low on funds afterwards, but I do have orders of The Loop which I’m making, and have possibilities for distribution soon.

If you would like to say “Hello”, I’ll do my best to reply!
- Joe

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Well, Hello Custom Branded Pricing!

I noticed the other day that while I put up my page for Custom Branded Pricing, I failed to mention it here in my blog!

So, feel free to take a look around, and please offer any suggestions you may have.

I’ll do my best to reply to the suggestions. Sometimes I will run with them and implement them before I reply, as I have here with my Custom Branded Pricing, and this current blog post.

Wow, that was kind of recursive!

I hope you all had a Merry Christmas, and stay safe this New Year!
- Joe

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ebay items are up!

EmpowerUs Tools
Right Now on eBay! These item(s) are live on eBay right now. (Click photos to see more info on eBay.)
(No results found.)
Search eBay items ending soon for overlooked bargains.
Avid Watchers. 'Hidden' Deals. Fun Searches! Start your eBay shopping at...WatchCount.com

Now, in addition to The Store, you can order the loop through ebay.com!
Please share this with your friends!

<< -- Click the link to the left to bring you to ebay.

Fast Fact: The Loop contains a rare-earth magnet which is strong enough to hold an item to a steel or iron surface, but not strong enough to harm a Credit Card!

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Store got Fixed.

However I am adjusting the shipping rate to what I mentioned ($2.85 to start). It’s through USPS and well, who knows when that will change with their troubles.

I was quite amused at the Henrietta Post Office the other day when I saw a sign stating “The Post Office doesn’t receive any Federal funding.”

I was relieved, because I thought we were wasting our money on yet another wasteful department / bureaucracy…

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Time for a new Store!

1and1 is currently the store host, and it is currently DOWN.
I apologize for this inconvenience, as I am on the phone with them currently.

UPDATE: I will be working on this later – in the meantime – 1 loop costs 3.69 plus 2.85 for shipping.
Tax will be applied if you live in NY State. If interested in an EmpowerUsTools.com loop,
or a Ron Paul -2012- loop, please send an email to joe at empowerustools dot com (change the at and the dot).


This will expedite my switch of store services to Hostgator:

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